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Updated: May 1, 2020

People of all abilities and those who have some limitations whether they be physical, learning or other difficulties, all have a right to sexual health information and loving, safe relationships. Talking and learning about sex can be a difficult subject for people with a mental illness or disability, but it need not be.

Our Navigation Programme is offering free sexual health workshops given by Sexual Health Educator Andrea Stephens from the Eastern Bay Health Alliance in Whakatane.

Andrea has been coming to Pou Whakaaro for an hour each week talking and interacting with our independent Living group around boundaries, appropriateness, and awareness of their sexual health. Our group has also had the opportunity to share what they would like Andrea to incorporate in her teachings.

The workshops have been invaluable; with scenarios being presented that have been key in assisting with understanding, and covering topics such as social media which is an important component in the subject of privacy and keeping safe.

There have been a lot of discussions within the workshops that helps clarify understanding and poses more important questions from our group, which we discuss with Andrea the following week.

We are very grateful to Andrea for her natural, confident and reassuring way in which she has been working with the People we Partner. The Eastern Bay Health Alliance offers free Youth Sexual Health Workshops, head over to their website and check out their services.

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