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Happy Children

Children & Youth Support

Support for Children & Youth Offered:


(Supporting Parent's Healthy Children)

One-on-one and group support, information, and advocacy for children and youth between 5yrs-17yrs and their families. We aim to equip our children with tools to build emotional regulation skills, coping mechanisms, confidence, and resilience.


A 7-week programme offered to children aged 5 to 12 years who have a family member experiencing mental health and/or addiction. Sessions are offered at school or onsite for 1 hour per week. Individual and group support available. 


This is an opportunity for parents to discover what their child has learnt during the 'Straight up Programme.' The session aims to teach parent's how to support their children at home and answer any questions they may have.

Parent's will learn the importance of reinforcing the strategies and knowledge the children have gained to continue to support their emotional strength and resilience at home.

"My son has taken on-board a lot of the content discussed. He is able to talk about his feeling and his behaviour has greatly improved."

"Great course, which my son really enjoyed. He didn't want it to end. I think he has definitely benefitted."

Parent of a 12yr old.

"I have noticed my son wanting to speak through situations opposed to reacting."

Parent of a 4yr old.

"Such an awesome programme, Holly has helped my daughter and I to communicate way better, which has strengthened our bond."

"Well written and designed well. The booklet is very child friendly, bright, and engaging."

"The content covered important points and techniques that would help any child."

"Something has changed in my moko since seeing Holly. She has become more helpful and is able to recognise when i'm upset and helps to calm me down."

"I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I have seen a big change in the way my son communicates his emotions."

"My sons loved working with Holly and looked forward to sessions every week."

"One thing that topped the whole programme for us was the 'Calm Down Box', which he was so proud of and uses on a regular basis."

"My daughter loved the 'Calm Down box', we have found this great for at home when she finds herself overwhelmed."

Parent of a 5yr old.

"My son enjoyed the practical activities and made it a fun and exciting way for him to learn."

Grandparent of a 6yr old.

Parent of a 4yr old.

Parent of an 8yr old.

Parent of a 5yr old.

Parent of a 7yr old.

Parent of a 7yr old.

Parent of a 5yr old.

Parent of a 12yr & 10yr old.

Parent of a 10yr old.


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Our services:

Pou Whakaaro for children, youth and their whanau, offer a number of programmes including one on one and group programmes, advocacy, education, information and referral to other services.

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