This programme has been developed after a three year gap in the delivery of 'coordinated' community education for the Whakatane community.


In March of 2013, we put out a call asking for ideas, inspirations and offers of support to run courses that could be developed and nurtured into a new Community Education Programme. We were overwhelmed by the response from our community.


This programme is testament to the energy and desire of us all to keep learning and sharing the skills and knowledge we hold. Without some of the 'old guidelines' we also find ourselves able to offer access to learning more freely and without bias to age or ability.


Many courses are now open to secondary students and learners who wish to learn because they love learning and value the opportunity.


There is also the option of payment with TimeBank credits, please contact us for more information about this or check out the Eastbay TimeBank page. 


The Community Led Education programme is based on the aspirations and skills that people are willing and able to share with each other in the Whakatane community.

Pou Whakaaro believes that Community Led Education is an excellent vehicle for sharing skills, knowledge and experiences which strengthen and enrich our communities.

Classes are run by local people and are open to all members of our community. They vary in frequency and duration; some workshops and presentations run as individual events, other courses run for most of a term.  

Rethink Pain Workshop

held at Pou Whakaaro

Danyel Degenhardt; an expert in pain sciences has been holding a Rethink Pain workshop here with us at Pou Whakaaro.

Danyel Degenhardt, is a physiotherapist with a passion for education.


He is an expert in the treatment and

management of pain.


Danyel loves learning about how the brain and body works, and using what he has learned to help other people.

If you have a question about pain, let Danyel know so he can create videos and resources to help.

The best way to stay connected is to sign up to receive his FREE Rethink Pain -    2018 Resource Guide. 

Danyel Degenhardt from Rethink Pain

Your free guide contains a list of many on the books, articles, websites, programs, techniques and videos  that has helped inspire the Rethink  Pain  workshop.


To find out more, visit his website or our Courses and Events page

Fabulous felted bowl workshop at Pou Whakaaro

Caroline Burton, fibre artist recently held a felted bowl workshop that was a hit with everyone that attended.


Everyone learnt a new skill, took home a fabulous piece of art, and connected with others with the same passion.

Pou Whakaaro provided Caroline with the space and we collaborated on the advertising.

Becoming a part of Community Led Education is an excellent way to learn a new skill and gain knowledge while meeting new people with similar interests. 

Find more Community Led Education classes on our Calendar.

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