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What we do

We partner people to live life well through accessing community activities and offering our own programmes. 

Individuals who have a disabiliity and/or experience mental illness, will find our services in Whakatane and Kawerau.

Contact us for more information about any of these services. 

What we offer



We provide opportunities to learn new skills and develop life skills. 


We provide safe spaces to engage in activities.


We promote recovery and social inclusion in group environments. 


We focus on developing people's strengths and talents. 



We support people to contribute to their communities.  


Our team offers navigational support to get involved in a range of courses and workshops available in the community as well as combining some of our in-house courses and workshops. Activities include life skills, citizenship, training, creative arts and recreation. 

We encourage people to try new activities that allow them the dignity of risk in order to gain greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Getting involved in activities in the local area will also help make connections with the local community. 

Check out our calendar to find out what local activities are available and find out how we can help you get involved. 


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Our Stories

The Our Stories are collection of personal stories about the people we support navigating their community. 

Meet Michael, our scootering Superhero!!!

Michael had a goal to learn to ride a scooter around town by himself.

At the start he tried his own scooter, but confidence and balance was a bit of an issue.

In 2021 Pou Whakaaro purchased some scooters and safety gear with funding from a Te Pou Leadership Grant.

These scooters turned out to be easier to ride and are also very cool looking.

Initial training was provided by Richard Hamer, the ‘best’ Whakatane cycle coach.

This was the beginning of an awesome journey for Michael. He practiced every week in a Pou Whakaaro run group and he never gave up.

Today Michael has passed all the requirements for scooter riding and safety and was able to take a scooter home, so he can whizz around wherever and whenever he likes independently.

Now he is an amazing mentor for others so they can achieve the same goal too.

If you would like more information about this group please call us on 07 308 8170

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