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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Have you ever wanted to create your own CV but have no idea where to start? Careers NZ has a great online tool you can use for free. Start now >

Careers NZ also has many other great resources including how to write a CV and cover letter, how to get ready and prepare for a job interview and more. Check out their job hunting section here >

You will need to sign up, but it is a very simple process and you have the option to sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

You should first make sure you have all of your education and work experience details. Once you have these you can enter your details at the prompts. The whole process is simple and Careers NZ also offers tips along the way.

Once you have finished you have the option of downloading in an editable word format or a pdf version. You can also send a Word or PDF version to an email.


Click Sign in or Create an account here > If you are creating an account enter your first, last name, email address and enter a password. Your password must have each of the following: one lowercase letter (a-z), one uppercase letter (A-Z), a number or symbol (0-9, #, $, or & etc.), and eight characters minimum.

Confirm your account. Once you have registered you will get an email for you to confirm your account. If you cannot find it, check your junk mail. Click on the green button that says ‘Activate your account now’.

Sign into your account. Once you have clicked the Activate button you can sign in to your Account. Click here to sign in to Careers NZ >

Once you are signed in you will be asked to fill in your profile, here you will fill in:

Name and contact details (we recommend you do not put in your address).

Education – there is a high school and tertiary option.

Experience – insert your paid jobs.

Community – insert your volunteer and/or unpaid work experience.

Club – insert any sports or community clubs you have belonged to. You could use Timebank if you are a member, which could also be used for unpaid work experience if for example you mowed someone’s lawns regularly.

Achievements – add any awards, prizes, or achievements. Here if you attended our speech competition you could add this here even if you didn’t win a prize, it is still an achievement.

Referee – insert people you have worked for (paid and/or unpaid) who can tell people you are a good worker. This would include any paid jobs, volunteer positions, or even personal reference such as the Timebank Coordinator or Employment Support Manager who may know of your personal character.

Technical skills – here you would insert if you know how to work a machine, drive a certain type of car, or know any computer software. Some examples are an EFTPOS machine, Coffee machine, HT license, Microsoft Excel etc.

Personal skills – this is a great section if you haven’t had much job experience, you can show an employer how keen you are to work. Things you could include are positive attitude, hard worker, honest, ability to work on your own, team work where you can work well with others, follow instructions etc. See if you can get your referee to write down that you have these personal skills.

Interests – insert interests you have that will show the employer you are interested in the job. For example if you would like to work in a café you say that you enjoy cooking, baking, volunteering, sports group. These will show that you would enjoy the tasks in the café and be a dedicated worker, the sports group will show that you are social and work well in a team.

Personal statement – this should show why you want to work in the industry and why the employer would want to hire you.

Once you have finished, you can proof over all of your sections and when you are happy with it you can email, print, or download you CV. We recommend you proof your CV first yourself and then get a friend, support worker, or employment service to proof your CV before you send it off.

Your CV will be saved on your Careers NZ account for you to use or edit in the future. If you need help to build your CV with Careers NZ, contact our team to get started.

Our innovative employment service can also help you through the whole process of finding employment, getting ready for the interview, and providing ongoing support for up to a year once you get the job.

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