When Pou Whakaaro was looking

at ways to support people who were interested in running their own micro business, an unused commercial kitchen was a serious asset.

What evolved is a great community cafe and gallery where a number of people run micro businesses producing food and coffee for sale.

The cafe also strengthens employment opportunities for those involved, as they are gaining real skills, such as barista, kitchen and cleaning skills, as well as customer service and cash handling.

The community cafe and gallery is open every weekday to the general public from 9am to 1.30pm. 

There are jams, pickles, coffee, soups and sandwiches , and then David makes his spectacular sausage rolls, which are the best in town. When he first began he was making around 25 a week and now due to demand he makes 144 a week!

We are really proud of all those who are taking part – and pretty happy with the coffee and the food too!

The gallery offers a space for Pou Whakaaro’s Product Development Group to showcase and sell their creations. The Product Development Group repurposes items they find at CReW by creating artworks and upcycling items. Their creations provide a colourful and appealing atmosphere in the cafe. 



A huge congratulations to Stephen and Anatasha who have both worked really hard at Pou Whakaaro and are  now in paid employment!

Stephen now has paid employment in CReW after volunteering and learning a new set of skills. When you next pop on down to CReW  you will find him working hard within the CReW Team.

Anatasha has recently moved to Whakatane, and we have been lucky enough to have her taking a weekly Zumba class.

Anatasha is a great dancer and her classes are energetic and they bring a lot of joy and laughter to those who take her classes.

After viewing our commercial kitchen she decided to add Barista coffee making to her skill set.

She is doing really well, and loves to make coffee for those that enter the Café on her days of work.

Anatasha cooking butterscotch cookies for the Café Gallery.

Anatasha (pictured above) is making a cocoa crunch slice and butterscotch biscuits to fill the new cabinet they have acquired.



Kawakawa Tea available for purchase in our Cafe & Gallery

 'Rongoa - Kawakawa Remedies' makes many fantastic products that can be purchased in our 'Cafe & Gallery'. Get in quick as they disappear fast. 

Rongoa Kawakawa Remedies is a micro business that was started by Mary and Angie who participated in our Rongoa workshop .


Mary and Angie decided they would like to to create a business for their products and participated in our Micro Business programme. 


Through our programme, Rongoa Kawakawa Remedies could receive continued training and ongoing support in what it takes to run a Micro Business. 

One product which is well worth trying is their Kawakawa Tea. The leaves of kawakawa were commonly used as a tea to help with digestion and as an anti-inflammatory tonic. 

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