So what is timebank and how does it work? 


Well, Raglan Timebank have done a great job in their video in showing people how timebank works, and it is definitely worth a watch. 

Timebanks around the world and in New Zealand work on the same principals and Timebank members will reap the same rewards and benefits as those highlighted in this video.

Head on over to the Timebank website today or check out their Facebook page. 


How we work

TimeBanking is alternative trading system based on the concept of sharing skills and time between it's members. It works to create and promote well-being, and help communities flourish and thrive.  It enables you to give and receive help in your community by earning credits that you can then use.


You can earn time credits by doing work for another TimeBank member, and then use those credits by getting any TimeBank member to do work for you. 1 hour = 1 credit. Everyone's time is considered of equal value. Members share a wide range of work, skills, support, help and activities.  


TimeBank operates a website where members can login and check their credit balance and advertise for help that they need, and what help they are able to offer.

Our community


Eastbay TimeBank provides opportunities for members to get together at regular social events. In the past we've enjoyed celebrating events such as Neighbours Day, and we hold a regular gardening group which usually rounds off with a shared lunch. 

TimeBank Tuesday takes place most Tuesdays from 10am until 11am at Pou Whakaaro, 40 Te Tahi Street. It's an opportunity to share ideas and meet new people over a cuppa and a biscuit.


TimeBank members, and anyone interesting in joining, are welcome to come along. We know that not everyone can attend day time events though, so we held an after work get together in April. We met at The Office Bar and Grill on The Strand, Whakatane and enjoyed a get together in a relaxed atmosphere. We'll soon be planning another one, so watch this space!

We've also had two markets which were a great opportunity for members to get together, share their crafts or skills and have some fun. We were able to share with members of the public who wanted to find out more about timebanking too. Here's a short video of our Summer Market.

For the latest news, updates and event information keep an eye on the Timebank Facebook page.


Leo's Timebank story

Leo is one of our Timebank members and enjoys many benefits from Timebank Trading.


Leo is a keen gardener and has traded his skills with a local worm farm owner where he does farm work in exchange for worms. It has been a great trading relationship that has benefited both Leo and the worm farm owner.

Although Leo is retired, he still has plenty of practical handyman skills to offer and currently volunteers at CReW three hours per week. For every hour Leo volunteers at CReW he earns one time-credit.

Leo compost bin
Leo compost.jpg

While volunteering for CReW Leo has made a compost bath farm, a compost bin as well as other great projects. Leo is still enjoy volunteering for CReW and you can find him every Thursday in the Craft Room at Pou Whakaaro creating upcycled projects.


Leo now has plenty of credits which he is now keen to spend on vegetable plants in exchange for Timebank Credits.


If you are a keen gardener and would like some extra Timebank credits, contact Timebank or CReW to get in touch with Leo.