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What happens after leaving School?


This service is available to students who have very high needs, are ORRS funded and in their last year at school. It aims to provide uninterrupted movement for students in their last year of school into post school education, employment and/or community services and activities. We want to help students and families to ensure there is a co-ordinated plan so that students goals can be achieved. 

What can students expect from Transition Services?

  • to be listened to

  • to be treated with dignity and respect

  • to be central to any decision making and planning

  • to receive information and resources

Transition Services will support students to explore their options, monitor their progress and work with other agencies as required.

Transition Services will assist with:

  • creating transition plans.

  • goal setting.

  • informed decision making.

  • taking responsibility for actions and achievements.

  • achievement of goals.

  • access to employment and/or community options.

  • having the same rights and opportunities as other people.

Our obligations include making a written agreement with all parties to work with an eligible student. We will provide an individualised transition plan and report on what services and activities have been provided. This will include what the outcomes have been, and finally monitoring and reviewing the goals over an agreed period of time.

For more information please email our Transition Co-ordinator Tracey Meikle.

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