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Becoming Digital Savvy

Pou Whakaaro is currently running a Digital Connect course for the people we support after securing funding from a Pub Charity towards the end of 2021 for 10 chrome books and accessories. The aim of this course is to teach individuals technology skills particularly around computers and mobile phones. As technology continues to rapidly grow, it is important that we continue to adapt and take advantage of the new technology that is aimed at making life easier. It is also important that we help individuals stay up to date, particularly now that everything can be done online.

We help individuals learn how to communicate with others through emails and other online platforms. They have been learning how to send/reply to emails, as well as downloading and attaching documents. We have also started to introduce some individuals to Zoom, and they continue to practice to keep in touch with others through the Zoom platform, they are enjoying this. Zoom has been a great tool, particularly since the start of Covid-19, and it presents a great opportunity for us to link with the people we support.

We continue to help the people we support learn and develop general computer and mobile phone skills and we continue to receive great feedback regarding this.

If you are interested in learning more about this, you can contact us her at Pou Whakaaro 07 308 8170 or email

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