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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Our Families team at Bracken Street provides an innovative programme called ‘Straight Up’, which is about equipping our children with tools to coach themselves through life’s challenges.

'Straight Up' is a 7 week programme that is especially designed for children and youth who come from a family where mental health and/or addiction is experienced. It is a fun and interactive programme that can be delivered in a group or on a one on one basis.

Right from the get-go, the kids interact with key messages through experiments, play, art, crafts, visual aids and music. The sessions are jam packed with goodies that teach our kids the kind of things that we wish we learnt as a child.

​In a nutshell the Straight Up Programme addresses the immediate need of each child, develops and strengthens child resilience. The aim is to equip children with lifelong coping skills, and build self-esteem within the family/whanau context which enables the whole family to feel well.

Through our programme, children will learn to build mental and emotional resilience, and increase healthy self-esteem.

Children will learn about how their brain works; like when we have too many sad, scary or stressful thoughts and /or events happen to us, we can have a “brain chemical overload” and act out in different ways.

We named our programme ’Straight Up’ because we wanted to tell the kids the straight up truth about life; that it is not always easy or fair, but with a positive attitude we can learn to overcome challenges and make good choices.

Email the Support Zone Co-ordinator today to find out more.

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